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 | Tuesday 28th May 2024, 11:00am

Tuesday 28th May 2024, 11:00am

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When it comes to sports betting, football is the most popular, mainly because it is continuous throughout the year and offers a wide range of markets to customers. You have loads of leagues around the world to choose from, along with domestic cups and international tournaments such as the Champions League, European Championship and World Cup.

Most people reading this will know how to bet on football online, but for those of you who are new to this world, we at Betfred Insights Education have got you covered. Below you can find out how most of the popular football markets work and then you can choose which one suits you when betting online or via our app.

Through Betfred you can bet on a whole host of football leagues and competitions. The standouts are obviously the likes of the Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1, but you will also find markets for leagues in countries such as Argentina, South Korea, China and Australia.

You will find most of the markets we offer on football in the pages for each of the matches we provide odds for, ranging from the outcome (result) of the match, to other markets such as goals, both teams to score, goalscorers and double chance, which are explained below.

Match Betting

The most common and simple format for betting on football is match betting. This means to place a bet on the result of a match. You have three options, to bet on the home team, the away team or draw.

You will always see this market at the top of each page we have for each football match we have on site. It is worth noting that on games for cup competitions or international tournaments that are at the knockout stage, this market applies to 90 minutes, should the tie require extra time.

Your bet will not be covered if your team was to win the tie in extra time as the match result inside 90 minutes would be settled as a draw.

Total Goals

Another popular market with customers is betting on the volume of goals in a match. There is a variety of options from 0.5-5.5 and the two different options you have for this market is to choose over or under.

For example, if you think that a game will have a minimum of three goals, you would look for over 2.5 goals. If you thought that there would be no more than two, you would then opt for under 2.5 goals.

This concept also applies to a similar market in which, if you wanted to get specific, you wanted to bet on the number of goals specifically scored by the home or away side.

Both Teams To Score

This is what it says on the tin and is another favourite of our regular punters. This market has two options of yes or no and is for when you think both teams will score in a fixture or not.

Research is good for this, looking at how threatening the teams are in attack in terms of their goal tallies, but also looking at how many goals they concede.


This market is also self-explanatory. If you consider yourself a bit of a wiz for calling goalscorers in matches then this is the one for you. On most events you will find three different tabs.

The first one is goalscorers and on there you will see a list of players from both the home and away teams. You will notice three different prices (odds) next to their names. They each have a price for first goalscorer, anytime goalscorer and last goalscorer.

The second tab is a scorecast and this is where you select the first scorer of the game as well as predicting the correct score of the match.

The third one is multi scorers and it is similar to the first tab, except the two options are for the player to score two or more/three or more goals in the game.

Double Chance

This market is helpful when you are not confident on betting on the generic match result outcomes, providing you with insurance. This allows you to be covered for two results such as home team or draw, home team or away team and away team or draw.

The odds are understandably lesser because your chances of winning are higher when two outcomes are covered.

There are other markets involving double chance that are used to enhance the odds and they vary from both teams to score and over/under goal thresholds.


This is always seen as an ideal alternative when the price on the team you would like to bet on doesn't offer much value. In these hypothetical scenarios, you can choose for your team to start with a disadvantage such as -1. So the game would be starting at 0-0 but effectively your team would be a goal down.

It means you will get better odds on your team but they must win by at least two goals for the bet to win. 

Correct Score

This is an easy one to get your head round. On most of our matches, you will be able to bet on the correct scoreline and you will find high prices on some of them. This is a popular market with punters.

Booking Points

This involves betting on the amount of cards shown by a referee in a game. A yellow card is worth 10 booking points with us at Betfred and a red card is 25.

You can bet on how many booking points you think there will be in a game, offering you options such as 0-15 etc. Customers can also bet on a selection of over/under thresholds, as well as the team to finish with match with the most booking points.

For more information: What are booking points when betting on football?


This is Betfred's bet builder feature and is available across most of our football matches. This allows the customer to build their own bet to get them the best odds and they can combine a lot of markets, including most of the ones mentioned above.

You will also find more player stat markets such as fouls committed, to be shown a yellow card, tackles, shots and shots on target.

All selections need to come in for bet builders to be settled as wins, so of course the higher the odds, the less likely it is to win.

For more information: Bet Builder StatsBomb definitions: Your stats betting guide


Some people like to bet by trying to predict the winner of a tournament or a league before it kicks off and they are seen as long-term punts. In the example of the Premier League, customers can also bet on who they think will stay up or get relegated from the division, as well as markets for a top-four or top-six finish.

For Euro 2024 this summer, on top of betting on the tournament winner, you can access markets for group winners, who will qualify from the group stage, as well as stage of elimination.


Throughout the year you will see different markets appear on the specials tab within the football page and they can vary. Right now on Betfred we are offering odds on who the next permanent Brighton & Hove Albion manager will be and who will make England's final Euro 2024 squad.

You can check out all our latest Football Betting Odds on the market page at

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