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What constitutes a tackle? Was that a shot on target? Is a throw-in a pass? We get asked these questions and dozens more regularly at Betfred and in an attempt to clarify, we've taken a look at the latest definitions so you can be sure if your bet is a winning one or not, whilst watching the big match. 

Who do Betfred use to settle stats markets?

Here at Betfred, we use two stats providers to settle our markets, with WhoScored used for pre-built #PickYourPunt markets, featuring shots and shots on target. Meanwhile, in our #PickYourPunt builder we use StatsBomb live stats to grade your bets accordingly on a range of markets such as shots, shots on target, assists, passes, tackles and fouls.

What is a Shot in football betting?

A shot is defined as an intentional and clear attempt at the opposition's goal. This includes all shots on target, off target and blocked shots. This classification is true for all Match, Team and Player markets. So for instance an intended cross that goes near the goal will not be classed as a shot for settlement purposes.

What is a Shot on Target in football betting?

StatsBomb define a shot on target as an intentional attempt at the oppositions goal that either:

  • Goes into the net and results in a goal
  • Is a clear attempt to score, that would have otherwise gone into the net, but was saved by the goalkeeper
  • Is a clear attempt to score, that would have otherwise gone into the net, but was stopped by a defending player who is the last player
  • Is pushed onto the frame (post or bar) of the goal by the goalkeeper

Again, an attempted cross that would have floated into the goal but is collected by the keeper does not count as a shot on target. Equally, a shot that was on target but is blocked by a defender (not the last defender) will also not count as a SoT for the purposes of #PickYourPunt markets.

What is a Tackle in football betting?

Tackles are classified as an event where a player connects with the ball in a ground challenge and where they successfully take the ball away from the player who was previously in possession of the ball. The tackled player must have clear possession of the ball before the tackle is made to constitute a tackle. It is not a tackle when a player cuts out an intended pass or loses control of the ball. A foul is not classed as a tackle.

What is an Assist in football betting?

The StatsBomb definition for an assist in football is the final touch leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal. Own goals, penalties or free kick goals do not have assists awarded.

What is a Pass in football betting?

A pass is defined as an intentional ball played from one player of a team to another player in that same team. These also include: corners, throw ins, free kicks, kick-offs, goal kicks, goalkeeper throws. These include passes made at all heights.

What is a Foul in football betting?

A conceded foul is defined as any infringement penalised as foul play by a referee, that results in a free-kick or penalty kick.

Offsides do not count as a foul. Neither does an incident where the referee acknowledges a foul and plays advantage, even if the player is then later shown a yellow card. A free-kick or penalty kick must be awarded to constitute a foul.

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