When betting on football with us at Betfred, one of the options available is to back the over or under for a certain amount of booking points, but how do they work?

Here at Betfred Insights Education, we have all your questions answered.

What are Booking Points?

Quite simply, they are a way to bet on how many cards a referee will show during a game.

How many booking points is a yellow card worth?

A booking is worth ten points with us at Betfred.

How many booking points is a red card worth?

A red card is worth 25 points when a referee sends someone off in a game with us at Betfred

How many booking points are a yellow and red card in the same game worth?

If a referee books a player but later sends him off, even if it is for two yellow cards offences, it will total 35 booking points for the purposes of the bet (one yellow + one red card).

How do Booking Points work?

Every time a referee dishes out a card in a game to a player on the pitch, it will count towards the total amount in a game (as described earlier). Therefore the way booking points work is to add all of these up at the end of a game.

For example, four yellow cards would mean 40 points, so if you bet over 39.5 total booking points, you’d be a winner. If you’d bet the under 39.5, your bet would be a loser.

Betfred offer multiple markets when looking at booking points, so you can pick and choose your total number and bet accordingly.

Booking Points Betting Tactics

Probably the most important thing to look for when planning your booking points bet is to check out who the referee in charge of the game is.

For the 22/23 season, there was a pretty clear trend that the older and more experienced referees gave out fewer cards compared to the younger and more inexperienced members of the Select Group.

This is very much noteworthy and with the new edict coming down from the PGMOL that even small moments of dissent (kicking the ball away, asking for a yellow card) are automatic bookings, we’ve seen early in the 23/24 campaign that more cards are being shown than in previous years.

It is pretty obvious but rivalry games tend to see more cards shown. This means the traders will take this into account and often you’ll see the likes of the Old Firm Derby and Manchester United vs Liverpool tend to see their odds skew towards expecting more cards to be dished out.

So keep an eye on the two teams and whether they have history or if any of their recent encounters have been particularly spicy. Players, staff and fans do not forget and they often will wait for a spot of revenge.

This one might be a surprise but check out the time of day a game is being played. Early kick-offs are often slightly more sleepy with a more docile atmosphere and that can lead to lower booking points. Games under the lights with a loud and boisterous crowd put more pressure on the players and the referee.

Booking Points Rules

A couple of important rules to note include only cards shown to players on the field of play count. So anyone shown a card in the dugout does not count for the purposes of this bet and you cannot bet on staff to be shown cards.

Also when betting on cup games that go into Extra Time, this bet only takes into consideration the regulation 90 minutes, so once the Full Time whistle blows, your booking points bet is over, even if an extra thirty minutes are called for.

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