BTTS Meaning & Betting Strategy in Football

 | Friday 31st May 2024, 9:52am

Friday 31st May 2024, 9:52am

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When it comes to football betting, one of the most popular markets for punters is BTTS, which stands for both teams to score.

For many of our readers, you will be familiar with this term and market, but for those of you who are new to betting, we at Betfred Insights Education have put together this explainer article so that you get a full understanding on how betting on BTTS works.

What is BTTS betting?

When it comes to betting on the BTTS market, you simply choose a football match and select whether or not you think both teams in the game will score or not. You have two options, either yes (both teams will score) or no (at least one team won't score).

The bet is settled as a success if both teams score if you chose yes, while it loses if you selected no. The same applies if you selected no and at least one team fails to find the back of the net.

You can even build an accumulator of BTTS matches, which is a popular choice among regular punters, while you can also combine BTTS selections with other markets including match results.

It is worth noting that you will need to be clear on the terms of a BTTS bet in knockout matches your bet is only covered in regulation time and does not account for extra time. For example, say you bet on a knockout tie and the full-time score is 0-0, but finishes 1-1 after 120 minutes, your bet will be settled as a loss.

What are the advantages/strategy of BTTS?

In comparison to match result betting, BTTS, while also a simple concept, you are just betting on goalscoring, rather than your bet being dictated by the outcome of the fixture.

It adds to the excitement of a match, especially as you're watching it live, as you are rooting for both teams to score rather than being fixated on the final score.

Unlike predicting results, BTTS focuses solely on goalscoring, so team form and statistics make it simpler for punters to research which matches are the most suitable for BTTS betting.

Ahead of a fixture, you can check how many of a team's recent matches saw BTTS land, how many goals they have scored and conceded so far over the course of the season/tournament.

This also applies to form. If a team is not performing well and goals are few and far between, you will not consider them as a suitable option for BTTS betting. Checking each side's home and away form individually is also advised as the visiting team's record may be favourable at home but on the road, they may find scoring more difficult.

It is also worth looking at the head-to-head record of the two teams playing in a fixture, so you can gauge just how often BTTS has played out in recent encounters.

Injuries and suspensions are also worth checking before placing your bet because if a team is losing their top goalscorer, their chances of finding the back of the net will be impacted. On the other side, if a team's best centre-back is missing, the probability of the opponents scoring will increase.

It is also worth assessing the stats for each team's goalkeeper, such as save percentages and clean sheet records. A shaky goalkeeper against a team with a strong attacking output increases the likelihood of them scoring.

You should always factor in whether a game is important. In a match with high stakes, teams may be more focused on standing firm defensively rather than attacking, but you do sometimes get teams going in all guns blazing, which can lead to errors.

Mistakes can also be forced due to the playing conditions, mostly if the pitch is wet from rainfall. All of these factors are considered when looking at fixtures for BTTS betting.

Types of BTTS betting

As well as the generic BTTS market, you can also get BTTS combined with the match result, if you wanted to enhance your odds.

Double Chance and BTTS is when you are not entirely convinced on the outcome of a match so you add insurance by covering two of the possible results, such as home team or draw, and then BTTS is added to increase the odds.

Punters can also bet on BTTS in both halves, which often have really high prices because of how hard it is to predict. There is also a market for betting on BTTS in the first half.

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