Shift worker Leoneto Soares bet £1 – and a minute later won the £100,000 Bonus King Bingo jackpot at Betfred!

This incredible win is a fantastic windfall for the 54-year-old father of one, a Sheffield warehouse night shift worker.

East Timor-born Leoneto is a regular at the Betfred shop at The Moor, in Sheffield City centre, near his home.

He said: “I am very, very happy with Betfred and want to thank you guys so much. I can’t believe I have won so much for just £1.

“I change my numbers every time I play bingo at Betfred, although I stick with 1 and 9. I have an elderly mother and father in East Timor so will be contacting them to see if there is anything they need; and will maybe use some of my win for a deposit on a house here in Sheffield.”

As well as 1 and 9, Leoneto’s other numbers 14, 20, 43 and 49 were all drawn, sensationally landing him the Betfred Bonus King Jackpot.

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “To win £100,000 for £1 is what we at Betfred are all about – BIG wins from tiny stakes. It’s a life-changing amount, and I’m sure Leoneto will spend his winnings wisely.”


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