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Here at Betfred Insights, we like to be helpful and answer any of the basic questions surrounding betting and your Betfred account. Today we take you through the Betfred Withdrawal time and process along with the various payment methods available to you...

Betfred aims to process all deposit and withdrawal requests instantly but on occasion they can take longer periods for security/validation checks.

All withdrawals are subject to security and other validation checks which can take up to 48 hours to be processed. So that should be the upper-limit in terms of time between a request for a withdrawal and that request being fully processed.

Please note that once we have processed your request and approved it, it will need to be processed by your own bank before it arrives in your account. This is outside of our control.

Remember, Betfred will not charge you any fees for either depositing or withdrawing funds from your account, no matter which method you use.

Please see a basic recap of all the various payment methods below.

Debit Cards

You can deposit instantly with a Debit Card and withdrawing funds should also be instantaneous but can on occasion take up to three hours. Should extra security/validation checks be required then please allow up to 48 hours.

You can both deposit and withdraw up to £9,999.99 in one go and the minimum limit for both is £5 per time. Neither putting funds in or taking funds out via this method has a transaction fee.

VISA Fast Funds

If you have a VISA Debit Card then you may be eligible for the VISA Fast Funds withdrawal method that should keep time down to a minimum. Whereas a regular VISA Debit Card can take up to two days, if you have this enabled it should be around three hours at most unless additional security checks are in place. The max limit is again £9,999.99

Bank Transfer

Most people use online banking, so this is one of the safest and easiest methods to both fund or withdraw money from your Betfred account. Unlike with debit cards, there is no max limit on either and the deposit/withdrawal times are the same, instant for depositing and it can take up to three to five banking days for funds to clear. The minimum limit is £25 for both for each transaction and there once again are no fees.


If you’ve used eBay then the likelihood is at some point you’ve opened a PayPal account. The processing time is exactly the same as the Debit Cards and Bank Transfer with an aim for instant but up to 48 hours. There is a limit of £5,000.00 per transaction for both depositing and withdrawing funds. This has a minimum limit of £5 and once more using this method gives no transaction fees.


Skrill has exactly the same criteria as eBay two eWallets but has a £6,500.00 max limit per transaction.


Neteller has a £4,000.00 max limit but is otherwise identical to the other two eWallets.


The quickest way to withdraw funds from your Betfred account is via the PaySafeCard method but it does come with the caveat of having a significantly smaller max limit. You can only deposit £250 per transaction but you can usually withdraw funds within an hour.

In general, Betfred tries to ensure all customers are paid out instantaneously but on occasions withdrawals may take longer should additional checks be required.

Withdrawal Tips:

  • Use the same method for both depositing and withdrawing funds if at all possible. This should make both processes very straightforward.
  • Ensure that you keep all your account details up to date, address, bank information etc. 
  • Verify your account ASAP, including providing any relevant ID. If you do this immediately when opening an account, it should help with seamless withdrawals.

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