Next US President Odds: Betfred make Trump EVS to win re-election

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Betfred press officer Peter Spencer shares the latest on the race to be the next President of the United States following support for the controversial Donald Trump returning to power.

Next US President Odds

  • Donald Trump - EVS
  • Joe Biden - 12/5
  • Michelle Obama - 8/1
  • Gavin Newsom - 16/1
  • Kamala Harris - 25/1
  • Robert F Kennedy Jr - 25/1
  • Nikki Haley - 33/1
  • 100/1 bar

A Betfred punter is in line to win £40,000 if, as seems increasingly-likely, Donald Trump returns to the White House.

There doesn't seem much stopping the ex-President, who won the South Carolina Republican nomination making it four-from-four against rival Nikki Haley in her home state.

His biggest hurdle towards his goal of becoming President once again seems to be the various court cases rather than worrying about Haley.

And Trump himself is already targeting President Joe Biden, saying: "Get out Joe... you're fired."

He is EVS at Betfred to win the Presidency, with Biden at 5/2 - while Haley is on the slide at 25/1.

All eyes are on Super Tuesday on March 5, when Haley could throw in the towel as 16 states vote on who they want to take on Biden.

As a bookie at the forefront of political punting, we've taken hundreds of fivers and tenners on this market, as well as some four-figure bets on Trump winning again.

Our biggest winner is a politically-savvy customer in Cheshire who has wagered £5,000 at 7/1 on Trump's return to the White House - a bet we took three years ago!

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