It was a case of perfect timing for a big Betfred winner who has pocketed £37,000 from a £4 stake on the Australian Lotto.

The 59-year-old from the Midlands is a retired maths teacher, and he took EIGHT hours studying the odds before going for numbers 4, 29, 41 and 44.

“I have my own formula and I go off on my own and do my calculations,” said the Betfred regular.

“I’m going to renovate my bungalow with new furniture and a new kitchen. I recently got married and she’s going to move in before the end of the month so will obviously be delighted.

“It’s absolutely perfect timing for me.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “What a great start to married life for this fella. I’d love to get my hands on his secret formula, which has won him so much from such a tiny stake.”

“He wisely switched from the National Lottery ten years ago, and that decision has paid off handsomely.”


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