Mr Nice Guy Michael Clark has had an unbelievable start to the New Year, winning an astonishing £5.4 MILLION – the biggest pay-out in Betfred’s 56-year history.

The windfall, that will totally transform the life of the father-of-three and his fiancée Sherelle Pooley, came from just a £1.40 spin on the online King Kong Cashpots game.

The couple, who are naturally on cloud nine and say they are living the dream, have been busy compiling a list of just what to do with the record-breaking jackpot.

It’s already been decided that 32-year-old Michael’s grandmother can expect a new stairlift so she can stay in her own home and 27 year old Sherelle is getting a brand new sparkling engagement ring – while the pair plan to buy two season tickets for their beloved Newcastle United, where they also are aiming to have a plush wedding reception.

They’re also eyeing up a honeymoon in Jamaica, a new Tesla car once Michael passes his driving test  – and they have already identified a six-bedroom home in the countryside.

But before all that the couple have been busy transforming their wardrobe with the latest designer gear and Michael splashing £1,000 on a new suit.

Michael, who worked on minimum wage terms at a mental health unit, and Sherelle, who also works as a carer for her grandmother, have already shared some of their good fortune when they met a rough sleeper in Newcastle city centre near the hotel they are now living in.

He asked Michael for a cigarette before they got chatting about how he had come on hard times…. and big hearted Michael promptly paid for him to stay the night in a hotel.

The lucky couple were born and brought up on the Walker council estate in Newcastle, and it was while they were relaxing  in their  two bed rented  home that Michael decided the post-Christmas TV was not to his liking with all the repeats, and so instead opted to have a go on the King Kong Cashpots slots game

The Betfred regular said: “I was on it for probably 20 or 30 minutes or so and just kept on winning until I found myself playing for the jackpot. At first I thought we’d won £5,000, which was a great amount, but then I realised there were more numbers showing on my phone .I just couldn’t believe that I’d actually won so much.

“We thought it must have been a mistake at first, and then we started hugging each other when we realised it was real. I just couldn’t stop crying, and there was no way I was going to go to sleep that night having won such an enormous amount of money.

“Now we can easily afford to get married and buy our forever home in the countryside. Six bedrooms will do very nicely indeed.

“I absolutely loved my job helping people in the mental health unit where there are people of all ages, but the boss understood when I explained I would have to leave for a bit with all this going on. Sherelle’s told her grandmother not to worry, she’ll still look after her doing all the shopping and everything else.

“Season tickets for us both at Newcastle United are definitely on our wish list, or maybe even a match day box for we’re true Geordies and the team under Eddie Howe are doing very well at the moment.

“We’ve been engaged for seven years, and we’ll be replacing Sherelle’s engagement ring and getting something a lot more expensive than the  £1,000 we spent in 2016. I might even buy  myself a posh new watch. Everyone’s calling me ‘Micky Millions’ now!

“It would be brilliant to have our wedding reception at St. James’ Park. The honeymoon will probably be in the Caribbean – maybe Jamaica – and we’ll be travelling first class. Sherelle has never been on a plane so we’re already sorting out a passport for her.

“I’ve only got a provisional driving licence so I’ll be getting myself a few more lessons and then a new car, possibly a Tesla.

“For New Year, we fixed up a party for 35 friends and relatives and had a brilliant time. What a start we’ve had to 2023. I’m absolutely determined that we don’t waste the money, so that not just us but the next generations of our family can also flourish.

“It’s just unbelievable what has happened to us – a total transformation of our lives. To be starting 2023 as not just a millionaire but a multi millionaire has blown my mind. I can’t thank Betfred enough…it’s massively appreciated what they have done for us.”

Sherelle added: “I am just so happy for Michael, me and the whole family. It’s totally overwhelming. We are so lucky to have a new and better life ahead of us.”

The couple met while Michael was working at KFC, where Sherelle used to visit and always have the same order of a chicken fillet with no sauce.

He was taken by her as a regular customer, and when he moved to a branch in the city centre he was surprised to see she had turned detective and tracked him down – and kept the same order!

They eventually went on a date in a coffee bar, and further down the line set up home together.

Despite now staying in a plush city centre apartment, the couple can’t resist a Greggs bacon sandwich for breakfast – and despite being in the money, Michael admits he still loves to eat Pot Noodles.

Long-term, Michael is pondering whether to get into the property development business – and that’s something he discussed with Betfred boss Fred Done, who contacted him to offer his congratulations and arrange a couple of bottles of champagne to be delivered.

Michael added: “I’m just absolutely over the moon. You see these big prizes available and think nobody ever wins them. Well, they do… it’s me!

“It’s a case of trying to come to terms with the fact that I’ve won so much money.  We are determined to stay grounded and not go too crazy… although we’re also determined to enjoy life to the fullest.

“I’m getting a bit of a taste for champagne now, but I still like a pint of dog which is what us Geordies call Newcastle Brown.

“The kids think they’re on an adventure and like us just can’t get a grip on what has happened.

“We’re just two very lucky people who were brought up on a council estate and went to comprehensive school, but have always tried to be kind to others… and now we are rich beyond our dreams.”

Betfred boss Fred said: “This proves nice guys can win. Michael is the most worthy of winners. It is brilliant news for this smashing couple who have proved you can win big at Betfred from the tiniest of stakes.”

The game King Kong Cashpots on Betfred is provided by Blueprint Gaming and Georgia Parry, Head of UK Account Management said,

“News of life-changing wins like this is always a happy read but even more so when it is courtesy of one of our games. Knowing that the winner is as deserving as he and his family clearly are, makes it that much more special. We’re ecstatic that a Blueprint creation has played a part in this and wish the winner and his family a lifetime of happiness.”

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