Betfred Big Winner: Scot scoops £45k on Irish Lotto

 | Monday 3rd June 2024, 10:18am

Monday 3rd June 2024, 10:18am

Big Winner Lotto

A once-in-a-lifetime tour of his Scottish homeland is on the cards for our latest big Betfred winner.

The retired forklift truck driver who hails from Glasgow bet just £10 on the Irish Lottery and pocketed a cool £45,000.

His regular numbers 17, 21, 23, 36 and 44 were all drawn, meaning the 67-year-old father of eight.

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He placed the wager at his local Betfred shop in the East Midlands, where he's been a popular customer for 15 years.

Jubilant after the biggest win of his life, he said: "Now I can fulfil my dream going along the North Coast 500 in a nice hired motor home. It's amazing this is possible for just a tenner."

Betfred boss Fred Done said:

"Congratulations to this regular customer. I'm proud to make his dream holiday come to fruition - and all I ask is he sends me some haggis from his travels."

Another Betfred winner is off to the Lake District after winning £1,000 from just a TEN PENCE stake on our very own Nifty 50 numbers game.

The 75-year-old semi-retired college lecturer said: "The minimum stake went up to 50p and so I switched to one of your rivals, but after U-turning I came straight back... and I'm so glad I did!"

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