Betfred Big Winner: Number 13 proves lucky – again – for Irish Lotto winner

 | 15th April | 

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Big Winner Lotto

Friday the 13th was a big day Betfred customer Jenny Nichols.

It was the day back in 2003 that she had her life-saving triple bypass operation at the renowned Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

That's why number 13, along with 1, 20 and 26 that represent family birthdays, was on the slip that won her husband Rodney a cool £16,000.

The 87-year-old retired builder, who put the £2 bet on at his local Betfred shop on Calenick Street, Truro, says he definitely won't be splashing out on a holiday.

He said: "We never go away because we live in Cornwall and the beach is not far away at all.

"We are looking to move house, so the money will come in handy with all the expenses that go with that."

His wife Jenny, 72, added: "It’s funny how the 13th, especially if it falls on a Friday, spooks some people - but definitely not us.

"I had a heart attack and after that operation 21 years ago on Friday the 13th I'm still here, so it's obviously a number that brings us luck."

Betfred boss Fred Done said:

"Congratulations Rodney - and don't hesitate to invite me to your house-warming party, especially if you're planning to serve up some of my favourite Cornish pasties!"

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