Darren engineers fabulous £113k Lotto win

 | March 20 | 

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Big Winner Lotto

Betfred customer Darren Reed has won an amazing £113,800 on the Irish Lotto ... thanks to his secret numbers selection formula

The father of two from Southampton opted for numbers 7,12,32,36 and 45 - and they were all drawn.

He wagered a total of £12.10 on a series of bets including trebles and four-folds, with his winning pot boosted by £26,000 thanks to a Betfred promotion.

Darren, a 56 -year-old production manager at an engineering factory, now plans a series of home improvements at the four-bed detached home he shares with partner Alison.

He said: "We've needed some things doing around the house such as a new ensuite, bathroom and kitchen. Now after the biggest win of my life we can get started on them.

"We'll probably have a good holiday to celebrate. Ten years ago we went on a cruise around the Fjords and enjoyed it so maybe another cruise, perhaps to the Mediterranean this time.

"How did I pick those numbers? Well; I look at groups of numbers drawn in the past and see which ones have not been drawn for a long time ... and obviously the system has worked for me!"

Betfred boss Fred Done said: "Wow - what a tremendous win for Darren! He's been a Betfred customer for 14 years so it's great that a hard-working fella like him can pick my pocket for such a tiny stake."

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