Layers have a slight problem with Houston, as ‘Mattress Mack’ makes history in the USA

Legendary furniture store-owning punter wins US $5 Million courtesy of Betfred Sportsbook stateside

When the Houston Astros clinched baseball’s World Series in the early hours of Sunday morning UK-time, a certain Jim ‘Mattress Mack’ McIngvale landed a huge bet with Betfred Sportsbook. He’s netted a cool FIVE million dollars.

Biggest sports bet Betfred owner and co-founder Fred Done has ever paid out. Period. An historic event. Houston ultimately took the Fall Classic by 4 games to 2, and their fans at Minute Maid Park were ecstatic.

Pitching held sway until the sixth when opponents Philadelphia Phillies, who simply had to win to extend into a game 7 decider, took the lead. It was short-lived, however, as Yordan Alvarez chipped in with a crunching three-run homer. A further run followed for good measure, to complete a 4-1 success on the night.

Jim placed his bet in July, with the Astros trading at that point at 5/1 (+500). It’s reputed that he placed similar bets with other books that take his total winnings into telephone number territory.

I’ve seen the sum of seventy million dollars mentioned in the US press. Wow seems a tad understated at this point.

Betfred Sportsbook currently operates in 6 states – Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Louisiana and Washington – with more licences to come. We share with our stateside customers an absolute passion for sport.

It’s said that some of the Houston players sleep on beds bought from Jim’s store. All will have slept quite beautifully last night, with a World Series nicely tucked away. The American League West ball-club have their second-ever Fall Classic – one an intrepid 71-yr-old furniture shop owner will never forget.

The Astros began life back in 1962 as the Houston Colt .45s. Let’s leave the parting shots to Fred with a warm video message, and confirmation that our respect for Jim’s fearless punting is unequivocal.

You’ve smashed it out of the park. As Fred says, below, congratulations from Betfred Sportsbook to everyone in Texas.


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