Butcher Glyn Sterland’s best ever value-for-money stake has landed him £150,000 at Betfred

He wagered just £1 which would barely buy you a single sausage – but would be just enough for a dog’s bone at the long-established Yorkshire butchers where he has worked for 40 years.

His ‘steak’ was on the Irish Lotto, winning the jackpot when his numbers 10, 12, 15, 23 and 29 were all drawn.

Glyn, a 57-year old father of five, now plans to move out of his rented flat into a home of his own as well as buy himself a new car.

The numbers make up the days of the month each of his five grown up children, Rebecca, Lauren, Lynette, Lydia and Ryan were born.

Jubilant Glyn, flanked by Ian and Sharon Batty

Glyn, the until-now less famous twin of England, Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday defender Mel Sterland, said: “I came home after watching my team Sheffield United with a few cans from ASDA. I was chilled out and happened to check the Lotto results which I had put on a few minutes earlier.

“I couldn’t believe it. I jumped up out of my chair and started screaming at the top of my voice. I didn’t want to upset the neighbours so I went back out to my local working men’s club for a few drinks to celebrate.

“I have been thinking what you could get with £1 and I suppose a sausage or a marrow bone for your dog. We didn’t always charge for bones, but we had to start because it blunts your blade.”

The butcher, who is a regular at the Betfred shop on Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, Sheffield (above), is affectionately known by staff, including manager Louise Parkin, as ‘pie man’ because he often gives them a free pork pie at the weekend.

He went on: “I like a bet on football, the horses and of course the Irish Lotto. I’ve stuck with those five numbers for six or seven years.

“My family don’t know yet about my big win but my daughters and son will for sure be getting something when I get round to talking to them, because after all the numbers are their birthdays.

“It really hasn’t all sunk in yet that I have had such an amazing win after so many little ones in the past. You’ve got to have dreams otherwise life is not worth living.”

“I live in a rented flat which is opposite the butchers just across the road from Betfred, and it would be handy to have a little house nearby.

“I can afford that now … and a little motor too! I don’t want anything expensive, just something to get me around. As for holidays, I don’t like going abroad, but maybe I will treat myself to a trip somewhere in this country.

“For the time being, I’ve got a week off soon so I can watch the Cheltenham Festival on the telly!”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “He’s made mincemeat of my profits. I’m dying to meat this incredibly lucky fella who will maybe shove a few lamb chops my way when I’m passing by.

“Good luck to Glyn who has most certainly brought home the bacon – that’s for sure!”

Headline photo – Glyn celebrating with workmates and pals at Betfred, Woodseats, Sheffield

Below – the champers flows, with shop manager Louise Parkin


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