A big Betfred winner always remembered the nationality of his babysitter – and that’s why the 55-year-old maintenance technician from Warrington opted for the Polish Lotto, a decision which won him £42,000.

He had two bets, for a total of just £8, on the numbers 2, 27, 35 and 45, and when they all came up he could barely believe his good fortune.

He said: “I never use the same numbers, I just select them randomly. I went for the Polish Lotto because I remember my parents used a Polish babysitter when I was being brought up.

“I had some good fortune the week before, winning £2,000, and so put this one on at the same time and day.

“In this day and age, with rising costs of fuel and food, I’m going to keep much of that money back in reserve. You need to pull in your horns.

“Having said that, I might well go to Cornwall and stay in a posh hotel. It is my favourite place, but normally I go self-catering.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “This winner is a regular customer who has proved once again you can win big at Betfred from small stakes.

“All I ask is that he puts a stick of rock in the post for me when he gets to the seaside… and maybe he can call in to our headquarters near his home with a pasty!”


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