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Fred done is revolutionising horse racing

Betfred owner Fred Done is pioneering a scientific revolution in horse racing by utilising the latest aerodynamic technology to improve both speed and performance for horses and riders.

Working alongside chartered Aerodynamics Engineers and Materials Technologists from the Aeronautical Futurology Association, we’ve drawn on the experience of cycling, swimming and motor racing to apply new, ground-breaking equipment to the world of horse racing.

Watch Betfred TV's Matt Hulmes and Betfred ambassador Frankie Foster debate this exciting innovation on location at Haydock Park. Also, hear from Betfred owner Fred Done, on the inspiration behind him wanting to invest in horse racing performance! 

Aerodynamic bikes, wheels and helmets help cyclists reduce drag and slipstream with speed, whilst swimmers have special, form-fitting suits designed to move through the water more quickly and efficiently. With this in mind, Betfred commissioned the A.F.A to develop a structurally, streamlined hood for thoroughbreds to reduce air resistance units of force by 3.6Fd (force of drag).

Betfred Aerodynamic is a new design development on the visors and blinkers already in use, but precision nanometer results indicate the hood will significantly streamline motion through streams of air.

Betfred Aerodynamic

In addition, the A.F.A have developed a new aero helmet to further reduce the rate of deceleration, and ultimately decreasing the force of impact on the head of the rider. Pressure distribution tests highlight potential time-saving advantages due to the helmet’s rear vents, smooth front and long rear tail.

Betfred Ambassador and Racing TV presenter Frankie Foster unveiled the prototype at Haydock Park last week, with the aim of registering the new equipment with the B.H.A imminently. The eyes of the world will be watching the Betfred Derby Festival in May, where the new technology will be on display for the very first time.

Excited for Betfred Derby Day, Foster was left amazed by what the scientific discoveries could mean for the world-famous race: “The testing results look impressive and in a sport of speed you have to think this could really add something. The hood could make a 4-1 shot a 1/4 shot, who knows? The potential is unbelievable!”

Detailing the design development, Prill Dullard from the A.F.A remarked: “Reducing the number of protrusions on the surface of the helmet was key to maximising results. It’s simple science really:  Fd = 0.5 * p * v^2 * Cd * A, where Fd is the force of drag (air resistance), p is the air density, v is the velocity, Cd is the drag coefficient, and A is the cross-sectional area.”

There’s always been a need for speed and Salford-based businessman, Fred Done, was amazed it’s taken this long for racing to catch up:

“It’s always baffled me when you see all the other sports that involve speed use the latest technology to improve performance and times, yet horse racing largely looks the same as it did 100 years ago. We drafted in some experts from F1 and cycling to help, and the wind-tunnel tests on the light-weight carbon fibre hood produced astounding results.

It was a natural extension to then look at the kits the jockeys wear, and our tests show the helmet works perfectly in tandem with the aero hood to cut through the air more efficiently. It’s not rocket science (well it is a little bit!), but you can bet on this to be a winner for racing!”

Fred Done, Betfred Owner

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