What is Lucky 63 Betting in Horse Racing?

 | Wednesday 10th July 2024, 11:16am

Wednesday 10th July 2024, 11:16am

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Racing lends itself beautifully to getting creative with your betting. To keep it simple, a single bet on a fancied horse, say, couldn't be more straightforward. However - if you want to look at perhaps several races on a given day, and make numerous selections wrapped within one special bet type, you might want to look at a Lucky 63.

So - let's examine the bet in more detail.

What is Lucky 63 Betting in Horse Racing?

The element to introduce first is that a Lucky 63 bet requires you to make SIX selections. Most racecards contain six, seven or even occasionally eight races, so individual meetings are ideal. You might instead look across the whole day's racing and pick out your very best half-dozen, from meetings far and wide. The choice is entirely yours.

OK - now you've made your six selections, let's look at how they interact with each other, and how the amount you will be wagering is arrived at.

Why call it a Lucky 63? Well - there are 63 bets in this particular wager. Six selections, but 63 bets in all. To provide an early flavour cost-wise, a 10p win Lucky 63 will cost £6.30.

Literally 63 x 10p, because although you only have six selections there are 63 bets. You're staking 10p on all 63 of them, hence the total stake comes to £6.30.

So - what are those 63 bets? Let's start with the easiest. There's ONE six-fold. A six-timer. All six winning. If you can pull that off you're in dreamland, because all your other elements are going to be successful too.

How about five-folds, within the six selections? There are SIX of those. In similar vein, how many four-folds, or four-timers, whatever your terminology, are contained within a Lucky 63? I can reveal that there are 15.

See a pattern emerging? Next up it's trebles - how many trebles are possible within six selections? The answer is 20. Getting close to the end now - and the number of possible doubles within the six selections that comprises a Lucky 63 is 15.

All that now remains is to consider single bets on each individual horse - and that amounts of course to just SIX.

Add them all up and we get to 63 (1+6+15+20+15+6 = 63).

So - all that's left for you to decide, after selecting your six horses, is what your unit stake is going to be. The example above uses 10p. You decide - just remember to multiply whatever amount you choose by 63, to know exactly how much the bet will cost.

To give an example of how we determine the number of five-folds, say, in six selections, consider this. Let's name our selections A, B, C, D, E, and F. The available five-timers then are;

ABCDE, ABCDF, ABCEF, ABDEF, ACDEF, BCDEF. Extend exactly the same theory to imagine the make-up of doubles, trebles, and all the other elements.

Important to add that if *each-way betting is your thing (*win and place), then we're effectively doubling our stake IF we want to include each-way within our Lucky 63 bet. 10p each-way Lucky 63? Total stake £12.60.

Betfred are synonymous with this kind of fun, innovative and creative bet type. Getting all six winners entitles you to a generous additional bonus, and in the event of having just the one winner we'll multiply the odds on that successful selection. Kindly use the links for full details.

Don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance, and you'll find all the markets and promotions you'll need at betfred.com.

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