What is Each-Way Betting in Horse Racing?

 | Wednesday 10th July 2024, 11:15am

Wednesday 10th July 2024, 11:15am

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Horse racing is one of, if not the most popular sport to bet on at Betfred. For that reason, there's a whole host of different markets available - including each-way betting.

But what exactly is that? We at Betfred Insights are on-hand to offer a detailed explanation as to what is each-way betting in horse racing.

What is each-way betting in horse racing?

The simplest form of betting on horse racing is straight win bets. Set your stake, make your selection and if the horse in question wins, you're paid out according to the odds. Anything else and it goes down as a loss.

However, there's also the option of an each-way (E/W) bet. This is made up of two parts: the 'win' and the 'place'. If your selection is successful, both elements of the bet are paid out - the win as normal and the place at a fraction of the odds as per the terms of the race.

Place terms vary depending on the number of runners in the race:

  • Four or less runners - win bets only
  • Five-seven runners - two places at 1/4 the odds
  • Eight+ runners - three places at 1/5 the odds
  • 12-15 runner handicaps - three places at 1/4 the odds
  • 16+ runner handicaps - four places at 1/4 the odds

If your horse doesn't win but finishes in the places, only the latter place portion of the bet is paid out.

As you are gambling on two outcomes, stakes are doubled for each-way bets. For example, a £5 E/W wager requires a £10 outlay.

Sticking to that example, let's say your bet is on a 10/1 shot in an eight-runner race. In case of victory, your total return would be £70 - £55 for the win (£5 at 10/1) and £15 for the place (£5 at 2/1 - one-fifth of 10/1). If the selection only placed, your return would be £15.

Each-way bets don't have to be singles, either. You can also do E/W doubles, trebles, accumulators, Lucky 15s, Lucky 31s, etc...

Extra Place and Super Extra Place Races

Betfred regularly offer extra places on selected contests. For example, we may go three places instead of two on a six-runner race.

Check Today's Horse Races on betfred.com to see the latest Extra Place Races and Super Extra Place Races.

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