Adrian Chattaway can carry on cruising Britain’s canals after winning £20,000 from a £10 punt at Betfred!

The 58-year-old quit his HGV driving job after 33 years behind the wheel to go back in time, exploring the canal network aboard his narrow boat.

He and his wife Alison, a former college cook, are a real-life Rosie and Jim couple, always enjoying each other’s company, having been married for 37 years. The delighted couple are pictured above, celebrating in their favourite habitat.

And their stress-free lifestyle took a big turn for the better when after a night out they got back on board their boat moored in Doncaster – and had their first go on the Betfred ‘Bouncy Balls’ jackpot game.

After receiving five fire balls their £10 stake won them £20,000 – plenty to keep them cruising Yorkshire and beyond. Father of one Adrian said: “We had only been with Betfred a day and just thought we’d have a bit of fun – and then won so much. We are gobsmacked. It’s just great. We had been out late with friends, and just fancied giving the game a go.

“We have been all over the place from Chesterfield, Doncaster, Wigan and Llangollen …. and now we can go even further. We’ll be struggling to spend it to be honest. Our house is rented out and we are out of the rat race, so everything is great …. especially with this Betfred win.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “Next time I’m out walking my dog on the Bridgewater Canal towpath I will be on the lookout for this jubilant couple. You never know – they might ask me on board for a celebratory tipple or two!”


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