General Election Odds : Conservatives ending up with less than 50 seats is 11/2

 | Monday 1st July 2024, 15:19pm

Monday 1st July 2024, 15:19pm

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Nearly there - Thursday July 4 is General Election Day. We've lightened the mood a little and had a bit of fun with some of our customers in what was a key marginal last time around in 2019.

Black puddings at the ready then; here's the verdict from the Bury jury ..

Labour are set for a big win in Thursday's General Election leaving huge numbers of Tories losing their seats

Next General Election odds

That's according to Betfred's politically savvy punters who are putting their money where their mouths are. One of the most popular bets with customers waging fivers or tenners is for a Conservative wipe-out and being reduced to less than fifty seats from their current 344, which is 11/2.

Amazingly the Tories are a massive 200/1 to win more seats than they did when they stayed in Government in the 2019 General Election. Betfred, who are at the forefront of political betting here and in America, have Labour to win most seats in this week's election at 1/66 with Nigel Farage's Reform UK party 40/1, Conservatives at 50/1, Lib/Dems at 300/1 - and the Greens at 1,000/1.

Betfred reckons that having studied betting trends nationwide Labour will end up with 440 seats, with the band of 400 to 450 available at 7/4. Should PM Rishi Sunak quit after the election, the big issue is who will be left in Parliament to takeover as Tory leader.

The favourite at Betfred at 3/1 is Trade minister Kemi Badenoch, but the big mover is Farage in to 7/1. His impact is shown in the most seats market when Reform were 500/1 before he took over to head up the party's campaign, to 40/1 today.

Election 1

To help gauge the political mood in the country, Betfred had our own fun poll at Bury North - the most marginal seat in 2019 when the Conservatives pipped Labour by just 105 votes.

There was free black pudding for customers at the Betfred shop on Market Street in Bury Town centre, for customers who were amongst the thousand who took the opportunity to have a free £2 wager.

Amongst them was Terry Casey, below, a 78 year old retired ground worker, who is voting Tory as he believes inflation will "go sky high" under a Labour government.

Retired couple Andrew and Sharon Crompton believe Labour will triumph in Bury North and nationally - but think Reform will come through next time there is a General Election before 2029!

Election 2

Betfred boss Fred Done, who had been due to serve the black puddings personally although admitting he's not much of a cook, said: "It was a pity I couldn't make it to serve the pud in the town they were invented, as I'm a busy man! However I know we had a more than adequate replacement in one of our local managers Lauren Longmuir who has done some modelling for us previously. I believe a fun time was had by all."

Election 4

The Betfred Black Pudding Town mini poll had Labour winning almost half the free bets at 1/12, Conservatives and Reform neck and neck on 20 per cent, with the other five candidates including the Lib/Dems, Greens, Workers Party and the two independents picking up the remainder.

Politics Betting odds from Betfred Insights.

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