A lucky Betfred Lotto customer has had a huge result, winning £250,000 on the Nifty50 draw from a £1.40 stake, which is our biggest winner so far on the new numbers game!

The customer in question lives in the London area and got the result of a lifetime on Tuesday’s 2.30pm Nifty50 draw, matching six balls for a giant return.

The bet was formed of 5p permutations of six numbers from eight selections, which totalled a £1.40 stake.

After placing the bet on Saturday, the customer was entered for all five daily Nifty50 draws, running up to the 29th September ( Total Stake £49)

Their lucky numbers were:

BALL 1 – 11 BLUE

BALL 2 – 12 BLUE

BALL 3 – 2 RED


BALL 5 – 14 BLUE


Not drawn: 1 and 33

You can see the moment below when the lucky balls fell into place and were drawn on Tuesday 26th September – A moment that this lucky Betfred customer will never forget!

You can find more details on the Betfred Nifty50 here, which is Betfred’s spin on the traditional lotto draw, giving you a chance to win a cool £5 Million. You can win the following amounts depending on your stake:

Numbers Matched 6 Ball Draw Pays 7 Ball Draw Pays
1 £7 £6
2 £70 £50
3 £800 £500
4 £10,000 £5,500
5 £200,000 £60,000
6 £5,000,000 £150,000


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