Love Stories at Betfred: Fred tributes more staff who found love in his shops!

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Betfred boss Fred Done is used to people being lucky in his shops across the country – but not necessarily lucky in love!

In touch with his romantic side, Fred opted to find out in time for Valentine’s Day just how much love there is out there.

We contacted all our 1,300 shops and around 100 members of staff returned with proof that love is indeed in the air at Betfred!

Fred was so delighted at one story in particular involving Nichola Aspinall (pictured above) who manages the Betfred shop on Ormskirk Street in St Helens that he not only sent her a bouquet of flowers but stumped up enough money for her and her fiancée to go on their honeymoon in Paris after they marry in July.

It was all down to co-worker Sharon Glover, who played cupid and tracked shy 41-year-old Tony Barry (also pictured above) down to his workplace and urged him to contact Nicola, that she fell for the plasterer.

But Fred wanted to go a step further and so arranged for flowers to be sent to the four runners-up.

Vicky Harries met her husband-to-be 10 years ago when he would come into her shop and place bets on his beloved Liverpool and, in her own words, “the rest is history”. They’ve been married for four years and have a three-year-old daughter they call their “princess”.

Victoria Harries - Valentines flowers

Vicky with her Valentine's Day flowers courtesy of Fred

Sophie Pateman transferred to a Betfred shop in Leamington Spa in 2006 and a few weeks later a co-worker told her she had an admirer, who it turns out she’d already rejected on dating app Tinder. But after he, who referred to Sophie as “the bird from the bookies”, messaged her on Facebook and agreed to give her a tour of the town, their romance snowballed and their wedding date is set for 2026.

Sophie Pateman

A smiling Sophie with her bouquet

Phillip Lendon moved in with partner Courtney Davis, whom he met in a local pub, during the second Covid-19 lockdown having persuaded her to join Betfred and they now have a baby on the way – and the wedding bells will be ringing in August.

Philip Lendon & partner

Phillip and Courtney with their red roses for Valentine's Day

Finally, all the best to Carmel Moore, a Betfred employee for over 20 years, who is awaiting tests to confirm whether or not she has multiple sclerosis. Carmel has told us all about her 20-year relationship with Andy, who was a regular at her shop in Boyatt Wood and now the father to 10-year-old boy Alfie. Fingers crossed for positive news and Happy 40th Birthday for later this year!

Carmel Moore

Last but certainly not least, Carmel pictured with her flowers gifted by the boss

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