Betfred customer Dawn Chappell is enjoying the sweet smell of success after winning £25,000 from a 50p bet on the Irish Lotto.

The 52-year-old, who works as a machine operator at a Mr Kipling factory in Barnsley, is going to bank her windfall for the time being – but in 2025 she and her partner Wayne aim to celebrate their 55th birthday in style with a cruise starting in Florida and taking in New Orelans.

Dawn also intends to use some of the money towards a deposit for a new house in her hometown.

She picked the five winning numbers based on the birthdays of her family, with 2 representing her grandson’s birthday, 5 her daughter’s and 17 Wayne’s – while 22 and 28 stand for the days of the month her granddaughters entered the world.

Dawn said: “At first I thought I’d won £250, but soon realised it was £25,000. We celebrated with a night out in the local carvery.

“As for how we intend to spend the winnings, we’ve always fancied a cruise in America which will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip that will probably cost us about £10,000.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said:

“It’s remarkable that Dawn and Wayne will be able to have such a fantastic time on the ocean wave at the cost of just 50p.

I hope you both have the best time – and next time I’m in Yorkshire I’ll remember to treat myself to a Mr Kipling cake!”

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