Irish Lotto Big Winner: Vegas beckons for smiling Scot

 | December 07 | 

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A once in a lifetime trip to Las Vegas is on for a Scottish taxi driver who won £28,000 at Betfred.

James Chilton is in the money after his three numbers – namely 7, 17 and 27 – were all drawn in the Irish Lotto.

It was a nightmare weekend for Betfred boss Fred Done, who paid out more than £3million on the Irish numbers game with James' selection one of several popular sequences.

In total, Betfred had more than 100 punters who ended up winning more than £7,000.

James, 45, said: "I'm just buzzing. I don't drink much because of my job taking children to school early in the morning, so I celebrated at my local pool and snooker club – the Pyramid in Kilmarnock.

"As well as a trip to Vegas, which I have always fancied, I'm going to get myself a bigger and better TV – and I'm sure I can think of other things to spend my winnings on.

"I have been with Betfred for a long time and this is my biggest ever win. The odds are better at Betfred so it's common sense.

“I'm not someone who sticks with certain numbers and went for 7,17 and 27 because they hadn't been drawn out for a while."

Fred said:

"Congratulations, James. It's great when a loyal, hard-working customer has good fortune. Have fun in Vegas!”

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