A new kitchen and a Spanish holiday are on the agenda for a Betfred customer who’s won an astonishing £150,000 from just ONE POUND on the Irish Lotto.

The 52-year-old mother-of-two’s five numbers – 4, 11, 28, 25 and 32 – which are based around the Liverpool family’s birthdays all came up to land the jackpot.

“We only do the bet for a laugh – and we’re certainly laughing now having won so much from a pound,” said the jubilant winner who works as a civil servant.

“My mum, who I place the bet with, came round and said I had better sit down as she had something to show me. After I had put my glasses on and looked at the betting slip I couldn’t believe it.

“The winnings will be shared around the family. We will be going to Salou in Spain as my teenage son must have been talking to his mates at school and told him they have a good water slide park there. He has never even been on a plane before so you can imagine how much he’s looking forward to it.

“We’ll probably replace the car and we’ll be getting a new kitchen as things need replacing. “

Betfred boss Fred Done said:

“These loyal customers fully deserve their good fortune proving how you can win big from small stakes at Betfred.”


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