Betfred Big Winner: Punter pockets £95k with quickfire Lotto hat-trick

 | Wednesday 12th June 2024, 14:14pm

Wednesday 12th June 2024, 14:14pm

Big Winner Lotto

A personal trainer from the South East has won £95,000 after three wins on two Lotto games during a dramatic weekend.

The 45-year-old punter scooped £70,000 from a couple of £25 wagers on the French Lotto - and then 24 hours, at another Betfred shop, he picked up a further £25,000 from a £25 bet on the New York Lotto.

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He's already decided how he's going to spend some of his windfall, explaining: "My father died with a prostrate problem and it runs in the family so some of it is going on a private medical bill.

"We will also be upgrading the kitchen and bathroom in our semi-detached home - and then we'll be going on holiday to Spain."

The self-employed fitness expert, who won £24,000 five years ago, added: "I'm a loyal Betfred customer with a unique betting style. You have the best staff in the industry and I want to thank Betfred boss Fred Done for providing fantastic value and making the Lotto so much fun."

Fred said:

"Wow, what a nice guy giving me a pat on the back while taking me to the cleaners!

"He is an extremely loyal customer who is well-known to our staff and good luck to him."

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