A printer from Nottingham always planned to travel the world with his wife after retirement

Now after winning £55,000 from a £2 stake at Betfred they can travel  in luxury – and a year earlier than planned!

The sixty year old, who is a regular at the Betfred shop at Ilkeston Road, Radford, ‘did the business’ with two bets on the 49’s lottery. 

He got all five numbers – 9,18,22,35 and 39 in his first £1 wager winning him £50,000 – and had four of the numbers in his second £1 bet, winning him a further £5,000.

The lucky punter  said, “ Believe it or not I study the numbers and usually pick three or four cold numbers that have not come out much in the last three or four weeks.  

I won a similar amount also on the 49’s ten years ago and then I used it mainly on house renovations including door and window replacements.

This time it will be different. First of all I will now be able to retire a year earlier. My wife and I have three places we always intended to visit in the world namely Japan, Costa Rica and Australia.

Now thanks to this fantastic win we’ll be able to travel to these countries  in style. I have already  got some brownie points by giving my wife the £5,000 which she will no doubt use to buy clothes, shoes and probably a new hand bag.”

He added, “I was checking the numbers while having a cup of coffee but didn’t celebrate until the money went into the bank because I didn’t want to be counting my chickens before they hatched. The money was put in my account soon enough so we’ll be going out for a celebratory meal with friends and family.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said, “Congratulations to a most loyal customer who is about to have the time of his life travelling the world after winning himself a small fortune from such a tiny stake.”   


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