Will brickie become Betfred’s second Geordie millionaire winner?

 | Saturday 15th June 2024, 6:36am

Saturday 15th June 2024, 6:36am

Big Winner Lotto

Bricklayer Jimmy Edwards today has a one-in-47 chance of becoming Betfred's second Geordie millionaire winner

The 50-year-old family man is hoping to follow in the footsteps of the biggest winner in Betfred history, 'Micky Millions,' who hails from the same Walker estate in Newcastle.

Jimmy has already won £75,000 from a £1 bet after correctly picking the three bonus balls in last Saturday's Irish Lottery draws. He selected 36 twice and 8 in the main Irish Lotto draw to hit the jackpot in Betfred's own Bonus Ball Lotto.

And as part of the Betfred game, he now has the chance to make it a cool million if he can choose the bonus ball tonight (Sat June 15) when the main Irish Lottery draw takes place at 8pm.

In a nod to Fathers Day tomorrow, he has opted for the birth date of his teenage daughter Jessamine .... number 27. Jimmy - who is unsurprisingly nicknamed Jammy Jimmy at the Betfred shop on Chillingham Road in Newcastle, where he's a popular regular customer, plans to splash most of his £75,000 on a kitchen extension.

He won £98,000 only two years ago on the Irish Lottery which he spent on his house and a trip to the Philippines, his wife's home country.
"That’s where I will probably go and live if I become a millionaire tonight," said Jimmy, who added: "I have travelled all over the world and really you cannot find a nicer place where the people are so friendly - and the weather is great too.

"I have been a Betfred customer for thirty-odd years but never thought I'd get the chance to be a millionaire. I just don't know why I picked those bonus ball numbers ... they just came to me. Even if I do win I will keep working, hopefully in the Philippines!"

Micky Millions - real name Michael Clark - entered Betfred folklore after becoming the biggest winner in our 57-year history. The big-hearted father of three from Newcastle's Walker estate last year won an amazing £5.4 million from a £1.40 online slot game bet.

This time last year Michael, aged 33, who won his huge windfall on the King Kong Cashpots game had a special guest at his wedding to long-term partner Sherelle Pooley at the St James' Park home of his beloved Newcastle United ... the man who made it all possible, Betfred boss Fred Done.

Fred said: "I do love the Geordies, even if they keep taking money off me! Good luck to Jimmy tonight. He's a hard working fella who deserves his good fortune. I know everyone up there in our Newcastle shop where he's a popular customer is rooting for him. They call him Jammy Jimmy ... and no wonder!"

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