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 | Wednesday 5th June 2024, 12:58pm

Wednesday 5th June 2024, 12:58pm

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The NFL (National Football League) enjoys huge global appeal. The seasonal highlight, Super Bowl, attracts eye-watering television audiences and many of the teams are rock-solid franchises with enviable, wide-reaching profiles. Some of the star players are among the most famous and well-rewarded on the planet.

The sport might be based in the USA but in more recent years the League have staged matches regularly in other parts of the world, including of course the UK. As a betting medium, it's fantastic. We're huge fans here at Betfred, and enjoy showcasing as many markets as we can for our customers to enjoy. Let's set the scene a little and examine the NFL in in terms of 'wagering' as our friends from across the pond might frame it!

US sports betting is based upon three great pillars. They are;

Money Line

This is simply the outright betting. Who is going to win. No frills, handicaps, ifs or buts - it's one team or the other. The prices will be displayed for all your NFL opportunities in whatever manner you've chosen in 'Account Settings/Odds Format.'

US odds are represented like this, for example; +250 (5/2 in fractions), -300 (1/3), etc. Easy way to cut through the fog; + prices are what you will WIN for a 100 unit stake; and - prices are what you have to STAKE to WIN 100.

In both examples you also receive your stake back as part of the full return. A successful 100 win at +250 means 250, plus the return of your 100 stake - total return therefore of 350 (exactly the same as 100 @ 5/2).

Overtime is provided to break any would-be ties, but should scores remain level after the single 10-minute overtime period (regular season) the game is declared a tie. Postseason there must be a winner, so overtime periods (15 mins) will occur if necessary multiple times, until a winner is found.

If your Money Line bet didn't involve any potential to back a draw/tie (such as a three-way market), then your ML stake would be returned in the event of a regular season draw/tie, as you've neither won, nor lost.

Total Points

Next up we have total points betting - where you calculate how many total points the match will produce. Our traders will have set what they think is an accurate ball-park figure for each individual fixture, weighing of course things like the quality and current form of the protagonists, any injuries perhaps, the weather even, if it's likely to be extreme; and you then have the chance to back under, or over, that figure.

Example - a mythical Chiefs/Patriots match-up. Our traders have come up with a total points figure of 55.5. Why the 'half,' when there's no such thing as half a point? It's merely a widely-used device to ensure we have a 'winner,' one way or another.

If the total was, say, 55 (and we do use whole numbers too) and the match score was 28-27 (in other words a total of 55 points) that's neither over, or under, so you'd get your money back if you'd had a wager (bet).

In our example, that scoreline would be 'under' 55.5 and if you'd backed 'under' you're in clover.


A good way of thinking about this, especially if you're new to the sport and/or its terminology, is that it's handicap betting. It really comes into its own when we have a bit of a mismatch potentially - a strong team, at home perhaps, against an opponent with on paper a very tough assignment.

The Money Line price about the favourite might be in 1/5 territory perhaps, or even shorter. To enable customers to back the favoured side but be able to take a less prohibitive price, the traders introduce a spread (handicap).

We notionally penalise the powerful team by taking away points from them - let's say, 12.5 (note that half-a-point device again, making it straightforward as to winning, or losing, the bet).

Another mythical example - we'd represent this as Bills -12.5, Panthers +12.5. Typically they could both be priced at 10/11. You then decide - if you think the Bills will win by 13 points or more then back them accordingly. If you feel the Panthers will either win themselves, or at least lose by less than 13, then back them.

Spreads can be large, some small, or occasionally absent entirely if the Money Line price for each team is the same, with traders unable to split them. Look at the Money Line prices and you'll soon get a feel for how the spread betting is framed.

Additional markets/proposition bets (props)

Sport is awash with statistics. In the US especially, over many decades, tremendous significance has been attached to stats, probably ahead of much of the rest of the world. It helps to inform us when we're deciding where to place our bets.

Lots of markets have emerged as a consequence; some hybrids of the above (alternative spread/handicaps for example, three-way handicaps, individual team total points); and some are more interested with individual performance (Quarterback passing yards, player receiving or rushing yards, etc).

The list of props, and additional markets, is VERY extensive, looking at the quarters and halves individually for example in terms of points/spread/money line; first/anytime Touchdown scorers; winning margin(s); so my advice would be to examine any fixtures ( and take in the range, and choice, available.

Season-long markets are available too - such as Super Bowl outrights, plus Conference and Divisional betting. To Make the Play-offs, and various Regular Season Specials. So many angles to approach the sport from. So much to savour.

As always - any queries, do get in touch.

And most important of all - enjoy.

NFL Betting tips, from Betfred Insights.

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