How to Bet on the NBA Online with Betfred

 | Wednesday 5th June 2024, 9:38am

Wednesday 5th June 2024, 9:38am

Betfred Education Guide

Navigating through NBA markets and betting lines can be confusing if you're new to the sport, so this betting guide will feature the different types of bets you can place on NBA matches with Betfred.

From straightforward basketball betting lines, like betting against the spread, to looking at total points and quarter total points, this guide will cover it all. Below you can find out how most of the popular NBA markets work and then you can choose which one suits you when betting online or via our app.

Through Betfred you can bet on every NBA match, as well as other popular basketball competitions such as the WNBA, Euro League and a host of other domestic leagues from around the world.

The main betting markets on offer for a single match at Betfred are the money line, point spread, total points, but there are also dozens of additional proposition bets such last team to score as well as half and quarter betting, which are explained below. There's also a host of outright markets such as picking the championship winner, Eastern Conference winner and Western Conference winner.

Money Line

With this type of NBA bet, you are simply staking your money on which team will win the match.

For example, a £10 bet on the Los Angeles Lakers to win at 2/1 could return £30.00, with a profit of £20.00. There are no draws in basketball, so if the teams are tied after four quarters, they go to overtime to determine a winner.

Spread Betting

Betting on NBA spreads or Against the Spread betting - also known ATS - is one of the most popular ways to bet on the NBA. It may sound confusing, but it's relatively straightforward. Think of it like a handicap.

Let's say the Los Angeles Lakers were playing the Boston Celtics and they were favourites to win. Here the spread could look something like this, ‘LA Lakers -3 / Boston Celtics +3', where a bet on the Lakers to ‘beat' the points spread would pay out if they won by more than a three-point margin. For the Celtics to 'cover' the points spread they would need to avoid defeat by more than three points, or win the game outright.

Total Points

Simply put, here you are placing a bet on the total points scored in a game. Calculate the total score by adding the points each team scored together.

For example, let's say the total is set at 210.5 for the Lakers and Celtics match mentioned above. If you bet on the 'over', you’re betting that LA's and Boston’s combined final scores will be more than 210.5 points. Same logic applies if you're betting on the 'under'.

You can also bet on the over/under or points spread by quarter or by half.

Last Team to Score

This one does what it says on the tin - who do you think will score the final basket before the game finishes.

Outright Betting

Some people prefer to bet on who they think will win the whole competition, and you can pick your championship winner as well as each conference winner with Betfred.

For those unfamiliar with how the NBA season works, at the culmination of the regular season, the best eight sides in the Eastern and Western Conferences enter the play-offs. Each tie is played on a best of seven basis and teams are whittled down until the Eastern Conference champion plays their counterpart from the Western Conference.

The 2023/24 NBA Finals is going to the Boston Celtics taking on the Dallas Mavericks and there are several markets to choose from as well as the outright winner.

You can pick a Finals MVP and series score double, which is predicting who will be voted as the best player of the NBA Finals, as well as what team will win the series and by how many games. For example, Luka Doncic/Dallas Mavericks 4-2 is currently priced up at 6/1.

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