How to Bet on Snooker Online with Betfred

 | Tuesday 2nd July 2024, 15:15pm

Tuesday 2nd July 2024, 15:15pm

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Snooker is a sport that captivates audiences around the world and it is one that punters like to bet on. For newcomers to the betting world and even those who tend to bet on major sports such as football, tennis and golf, you may be wondering how to bet on snooker?

Like most sports, there are multiple markets for you to bet on, albeit not as many as you would find in football as of course this is an individual sport. We at Betfred Insights Education have put together an explainer below on how to bet on snooker online.

Match Betting

Snooker betting is an interesting  way to get familiar with the sport and its players. The most popular market to have a flutter on is the match bet. This is when you simply put money on the player you think will win. Snooker differs from sports such as football as a draw is not possible.

If the scores are level when the last black ball goes in the pocket, then the two players face off over one last black. So you choose to bet on one player to win (1) or the other player to win (2).

Frame Betting

Snooker of course is played with frames, and it is a race between the two players to win a certain amount to win the match. Like tennis with sets, you can bet on individual frames and once again you will be tasked with choosing either player one or player two.

Another market inside frame betting is by choosing which colour will be potted first (excluding reds). You can also bet on the points threshold achieved in each frame, with the selection divided into over/under 100.5.

For example, if 100 points or less are scored in a frame and you had chosen under, your bet would be settled as a winner. If you had opted for over, it would be a loss.

Break Betting

A break is when a player spends a period of time potting reds and colours alternatively, attaining a high score in one visit to the snooker table. For example, a break of 30 could involve a player potting a red - black - red - pink - red - black - red - pink.

The bettor can choose which of the two players will achieve the highest break in the match, although it is worth noting that in this instance a draw is also an option available.

You can also bet on players to achieve century breaks per frame, which involves them scoring 100 points in one visit. The options the punter has to choose from per each player is a simple Yes/No.

Handicap Betting

Snooker handicap betting is a favourite to regular punters as this is a way of evening out the odds when there is a clear favourite to win.

For example, if Mark Allen was playing Shaun Murphy, the former may be the heavy favourite to win. But if you bet on Allen to win with a -3.5 frame disadvantage, you win your bet if Allen wins by four frames or more, which will be at much better odds than for him to just win the match outright.

Combination Betting 

This is essentially building an accumulator. More often than not, the favourite for each match does not offer great value to win as a single bet.

So in a bid to maximise returns and minimise the possible effect of a few at potentially short-prices in the market, punters often build combinations involving several top players to boost the odds. But of course for the bet to win, every single selection has to win their respective match.

Outright Betting

Like most sports, you can bet on a player to win an even before it gets underway. In this instance, a lot of people like to get their bets in early for the winner of the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield. It is best to do it in advance so you can get the best odds available, as they will begin to fluctuate once matches have begun.

In-play Betting

Betfred offer in-play markets on snooker, which include the winner of the match, the next frame and the highest break etc.

You can check out all our latest Snooker Odds on the market page at

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