How to Bet on Rugby League Online with Betfred

 | Tuesday 2nd July 2024, 10:29am

Tuesday 2nd July 2024, 10:29am

Betfred Education Guide

Rugby league is a popular sport to bet on with Betfred because it has a wide range of markets and the sport is present throughout the year in some shape or form.

Most people reading this will know how to bet on rugby league online, but for those of you who are new to this world, we at Betfred Insights Education have got you covered. Below you will find out how most of these markets work and then you will be able to bet on them online or via our app.

With Betfred, you will be able to bet on a range of rugby league competitions, the most notable of which is Betfred Super League. You also have the Betfred Championship, Betfred Challenge Cup and then there is also the National Rugby League which features teams from Australia and New Zealand. There are also international tournaments such as the World Cup which come around every four years.

You will find most of the markets we offer on rugby league in the pages for each of the matches we provide odds for, ranging from the outcome (result) of the match, to other markets such as handicaps and tryscorers, which are explained below.

Match Betting

Like most sports, the simplest way to bet on rugby league is by selecting the result of a fixture and as usual you will have odds for the home team and the away team. While football would offer a price for a draw, more often than not you won't get one in rugby league because they are usually high-scoring matches. If you do see a draw valued, then it will tend to be a very high price.


Handicap betting, or spread betting, is another popular market of rugby league betting with punters. In handicap betting, one of the teams is a given a theoretical  advantage or disadvantage, with points being either given to them or taken away.

This market is a sensible one to look at when there is a heavy favourite in action. For example, in a World Cup game, New Zealand are up against Australia. New Zealand are seen as a 13.5-point favourite in the match. You put your money on Australia with a +13.5 handicap: this means that they start the game with an hypothetical 13.5 lead.

If Australia win the game or lose it with less than 13 points, you win your bet. If New Zealand win the game with 14 points or more, you lose your bet.

Winning Margin

You can also bet on winning margins for teams, which is also good when you are thinking of backing a heavy favourite. Punters are presented with a variety of options to pick the margin that best suits them and it means betting on how many points you think a team will win by.

For example, St Helens take on Castleford Tigers in Super League on Friday and the Saints are 11/4 to win by 1-12 points.

Tournament/League Outrights

Many people like to bet on teams to win their respective leagues or tournaments. These tend to be made before the season or competition starts and is a long-term bet for the punter to wait on. It adds excitement, especially for a neutral, as it has them invested in that team's results and performances.

You will get the best odds on a team before the first match is played as once it is underway, the odds will fluctuate based on results.


Another popular market in rugby league betting is trying to select tryscorers. The most valuable here is first tryscorer, which can be tricky to call. However, as is the case in most rugby league matches, a team's backs or wingers are the the predominant tryscorers, so that should narrow down the bettor's search for a selection.

This is down to their agility, flair and speed, but it is not always the case. The physical forward players sometimes demonstrate their strength by powering their way through to the try line, so a good scope of a team's recent matches and their scorers is worth checking before putting a bet on using this market.

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