How to Bet on Politics Online with Betfred

 | Wednesday 29th May 2024, 11:04am

Wednesday 29th May 2024, 11:04am

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Deciding who the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is one of the biggest decisions the public gets to make. With the election on every news bulletin, the interest in politics from your Average Joe is peaking, and there are some interesting betting markets to consider on Betfred. 

If you think you have some inside knowledge, or can predict how the country is feeling at the present moment in time, betting on politics could be a profitable endeavour. The UK was as long as 6/1 to leave the EU on the night of the referendum in 2016, and we all know how that one turned out. Here at Betfred Insights Education, we’ve explained the different markets and put together a little guide on How to Bet on Politics Online. 

General Election

The biggest event in British politics is a general election, which is usually scheduled to happen every five years. With the 2024 campaign currently ongoing, Betfred are offering a whole host of markets. 

The most straightforward ones are the ‘to win the most seats’ and ‘overall majority’ markets. Now the UK election is broken into 650 constituencies for voting, and each constituency votes for their preferred Member of Parliament. An MP then takes a ‘seat’ in the House of Commons to vote on potential laws and discuss major issues. 

You can back a political party of your choice to win the most seats in the house, while you can also back a party to have an ‘overall majority’ - which in this case means winning over half the seats - or at least 326. 

There are also several markets for the two major parties, Labour and the Conservatives. You can pick how many seats they will win in total and predict their vote percentage as the two parties wrestle for control of the nation. 

There’s also General Election specials to consider, and you can also focus just on Scotland if that is your preferred choice. An interesting market however, which isn’t based on any voting result, is the voter percentage turnout. If you think a politician is striking a chord with a usually disenfranchised demographic, you can take a look at that market and try to predict what percentage of voters will head to the polls. 

General Election Constituency Betting

Betfred also offers markets in specific constituencies up and down the UK. That means if you have a vested interest in your local area, or know that a local candidate is particularly popular, you can select their party to win in a specific area. All they have to do to settle this bet as a winner is gain the most votes in that local area, and they will be elected as an MP. This is local betting, so it doesn’t matter what happens in the rest of the country. 

Next Prime Minister

Fairly self-explanatory this one. Who do you think will be the next Prime Minister of the UK? Now the current PM is never included on this market, as he is the current incumbent, but you can back whoever you believe will be the next person through the door at number 10. Usually a current party leader, but with the way the Conservatives have been cycling through leaders, you never know. 

Next Conservative Leader

Speak of the devil. If the Conservatives lose the election in 2024, we could well see Rishi Sunak make way for another leader. If you can predict which direction the Tories will head in, take a look at this market to try and predict who will be the next Conservative leader - voted for by their members. 

US Presidential Election

It isn’t just UK politics taking centre stage in 2024, we’ve also got a US Presidential Election taking place towards the end of the year. You can back the individual winner, with former president Donald Trump likely to be in contention again at the top of the market. Current incumbent Joe Biden will be looking to win his second term, and it looks like a two-horse race once again.

You can also back the winning party, likely to be the Republicans or Democrats and back the party likely to win the popular vote. The popular vote is the total amount of votes received across all 50 states, but remember the Electoral College system in the USA - where each state is giving a certain number of points - means the person with the most votes may not necessarily become president. 

You can check out all of our Politics Betting Odds here. 

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