How to Bet on Greyhounds Online with Betfred

 | Thursday 11th July 2024, 13:00pm

Thursday 11th July 2024, 13:00pm

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Greyhound racing is a popular sport to bet on at Betfred and there are many meetings in places such as Sheffield, Nottingham, Oxford, Waterford, Limerick, Newcastle and Birmingham (Perry Barr).

For those who are new to this sport or betting in general, we at Betfred Insights Education have put together this article which will explain how to bet on greyhounds and what is worth considering before putting a bet on.

What greyhound races can I bet on?

As mentioned in the introduction, greyhound races take place all over the place and there are usually 12 races on each racecard.

Today there are meetings at Oxford, Sheffield, Nottingham, Waterford, Crayford, Limerick, Perry Barr, Kinsley, Hove, Valley, Monmore, Newcastle and Swindon. All races are available to bet on at Betfred.

Types of greyhound betting

  • Straight bets - This is where you simply select a dog to win and is ideal for beginners.
  • Each-way bets - This is a form of insurance betting. You essentially have two bets on - for the dog to win and for the dog to place. You will receive a quarter of the odds if your dog finishes second.
  • Forecast - This is where you pick two dogs to either finish in first and second or in any order.
  • Tricast - This is where you pick three dogs to either finish in first, second and third, or in any order.
  • Odd or even - This is where you bet on whether the winning greyhound will have an odd or an even number on their racing jacket.
  • To finish second/third - You can simply back a greyhound to finish either second or third.
  • Inside vs out - Greyhounds start the race in traps and inside is nearest the rail and outside is further away. You pick whether the winner will be starting from the inside or outside traps.

Things to consider when betting on greyhounds

It is considered important for bettors, especially beginners, to do their research before gambling on greyhound races. They should get up to speed with the sport itself, as well as the variety of factors that can help influence betting decisions.

Here are some of the biggest things to look at before betting on greyhound racing:

  • Race grade - Greyhound races are categorised from A-D with A being the highest level of competition and D being the lowest. They are also organised based on their distance, age, and quality of the dogs. Each of these factors can have a great impact on the outcome of a race.
  • Form - Checking whether a greyhound has been performing well of late can influence your decision. You can look at their latest ring results, race times and performances.
  • Speed - The bettor can also look at a greyhound's running speed as that can play a huge factor on their decision making
  • Trainer - If you notice that a particular trainer has been enjoying a lot of success, you may keep an eye out for greyhounds that are trained by them.
  • Distance - Some greyhounds are better over sprint distances than longer races.

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