How to Bet on F1 Online with Betfred

 | Tuesday 28th May 2024, 16:25pm

Tuesday 28th May 2024, 16:25pm

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F1 is as exciting as ever right now, with Max Verstappen facing genuine competition for the first time in a few years, and Lewis Hamilton set to move to Ferrari in 2025. We’ve also seen the huge success of Netflix’s Drive to Survive in recent years, which has increased the interest in the sport massively, and brought a new demographic of fans to Formula One. 

Here at Betfred Insights Education, we are always looking to inform our readers, so below you can find an explainer on How to Bet on F1 Online with Betfred. Let’s take a look at some of the markets on offer. 


There are two outright markets available throughout the season in F1, as two big trophies are contested for. First up, the Drivers’ Championship, the one every single driver on the grid dreams of winning. Verstappen is the current champion, but if you are entering this market you are backing a driver to accumulate the most points over an entire season. 

25 points are handed out for a win, 18 for second place, and so on, and the driver with the most points at the end of the year wins the Drivers’ Championship. There’s also an option to back the Drivers' Championship without Verstappen, so if the Dutchman wins and you pick the man who comes second, you could find some value. 

The Constructors’ Championship is a little bit more complicated, but only slightly. Constructor basically means team in this case, so it is the combined points of the two drivers from every team. Red Bull currently have Verstappen and Sergio Perez as their drivers, so in this market you could back ‘Red Bull’, and hope that those two drivers amass the most points between them. They are the two outright markets usually available in Formula One. 

Race Winner

For each race on the calendar, you can back a race winner. Quite simply, it is the driver who wins that specific race, and the rest of the season doesn’t matter. Obviously there is only one winner, so choose carefully, but you can use your knowledge to your advantage here. 

Is there a driver who flourishes at a particular circuit? Is it their home Grand Prix and could that make a difference? Has their car just received a tasty new upgrade midway through the season? Although this is a simple selection from a betting point of view, there is a lot to consider ahead of the weekend. Also, qualifying will clearly have a big impact on these odds, so the timing of your bet could be crucial. 

To finish on the podium

Another one focusing on the race itself, this time to finish in the top three places, or on the podium. If they win the race, then great, but you’ve got the insurance of second and third place, which will secure a podium finish and make your bet a winning one. The beauty of this market is that is far more open that the race winner, especially if Verstappen is involved. 

Even the most dominant team in the world can only take up two spots on the podium, which leaves the door open for an outsider to also secure a top three finish. If you predict a surprise podium finish, you can expect big odds! 

To finish in the points

There are 20 drivers in every F1 race. Only one of them can win, and only three of them can stand on the podium at the end, but what about the 17 others? Well, the points system adds a fun aspect to Formula One for the mid-table teams, and the smaller teams at the bottom. 

Points are handed out on a decreasing basis, from 25 for first, to one for 10th - finish any lower than that and you get nothing. So this market is basically predicting a top 10 finish for any driver. Obviously if you are backing the favourites the odds are going to be incredibly short, so take a look further down the field at the teams or drivers showing improvement. 

Breaking into the top 10 is a big deal for the likes of Williams and Haas, so there’s an awful lot to play for in every race. Backing an outsider to crack the top 10 could return some good value. 


You can also back a driver to bag pole position in qualifying. This is slightly different to the race winner, and it is worth keeping an eye on those practice times as they can sometimes offer a clue as to how quick the teams are at a particular track. 

You often get slightly longer odds on predicting the fastest driver in qualifying in comparison to the race winner, as there is so much more unpredictability. They often only have one lap to get things right, and a yellow flag or safety car can sometimes spoil their run. However, backing the fastest driver isn’t the worst tactic in the world, as long as they are consistent. 


A relatively new addition to Formula One, Betfred also offer markets on Sprint qualifying and races. There’s six of them dotted around the calendar this season, and they are mini-races with points on offer for the top eight. There’s a shorter qualifying session, and only one practice session on Sprint weekends, so that can impact teams’ performances - but if you are knowledgeable about the sport heading into these weekends, there is some extra value available. 

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