How to Bet on Darts Online with Betfred

 | Thursday 30th May 2024, 15:44pm

Thursday 30th May 2024, 15:44pm

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With teenage superstar Luke Littler taking darts by storm, interest in the sport seems higher than ever before. The 17-year-old has won the Premier League, having finished as runner-up to Luke Humphries in his very first World Darts Championship and looks set to dominate the sport for years to come. 

Stories such as this are bound to create more intrigue and so we at Betfred Insights Education have put together this explainer article on how to bet on darts online. Below we explain the different markets and what they mean. 

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The simplest market to understand, and arguably the most popular as well. Betfred offers several markets on the outright winner of a tournament, whether that be the Premier League or the PDC World Darts Championship at Christmas. These tournaments are usually available to back all year round, which means you can get decent value by picking the winner well in advance. 

Picking a player to win an event like the World Championship is as simple as it gets, simply back your man or woman and if they win the whole tournament, your bet will be settled as a winner. You can also usually back the tournament winner outright during the event itself. The odds will shorten as the competition goes on, but if you fancy picking the winner at the quarter-final or semi-final stage, you are able to do so. 

Match Odds

Now, I love darts because there is rarely any sporting controversy. There’s no dodgy VAR calls or referees to blame - if a player deserves to win, then they win. It’s just them and the darts. Part of my love for darts is the fact that an upset is always possible. In a one-off match, especially one of the shorter ones, even the big-name players can have an off day and fall short. 

You can use your darts knowledge to your advantage by backing a match winner. To win a darts game a player must win a certain number of legs. Depending on the stage of the tournament they are in this can vary, and the early rounds feature shorter matches. To win a leg, a player must knock their total down from the starting point of 501 to 0, while finishing on a double, before their opponent. 

Even if you are completely new to the sport, after watching a couple of matches, you will be fully up to speed - it is that simple to understand. And the maths is done for you on screen! Backing a match winner is a great way to get started, while you can back multiple individual match winners to create an accumulator, just as you would in football. 

Most 180s

In each match, you will also get the option to back a player to get the most 180s. One of the most famous shots in sport, a 180 means a player scores the maximum score of treble 20 with every dart in their throw. It’s what most players aim for every time they step up to the oche, so backing a player to get the most 180s is another way to try and win, even if they ultimately don’t come out on top in the match. 

This one is worth doing your research on, as some players like to switch things up and throw for treble 19 rather than treble 20. If you can pick out a player in form, you can enjoy maximums more than ever.

Match Double

You can combine the two markets above, match winner and most 180s, to back one player to complete a match double in any selected game. However they must win both halves of this bet for it to win. 

Total number of 180s

We can also back a specific number of 180s to occur over a major tournament, such as the PDC World Darts Championship. This is a fun one, but difficult to get right. It means guessing the cumulative total of 180s from all players across an entire tournament. You are given a range, you don’t have to get it spot on - but the record was broken last year as a whopping 914 180s were scored. 

Checkout markets

A checkout is the total number of points scored by a player in their final visit to the oche in which a player wins that leg. Every leg has to finish on a double or the bullseye, and the highest possible checkout is 170, known as the big ‘fish’. You can back a player to hit the highest checkout in a game, and also back the over/under market, with the line usually set around 141, 

Match treble

Another option to consider is the match treble. That means your selected player has to win the match, hit the most 180s and have the highest checkout in the match. They have to win all three of those components for your treble to be paid out.

Handicap betting

If you fancy a particular player, you can also bet on them to win with a handicap. For example, if you back Gerwyn Price to win with a -3.5 handicap, he will have to win by at least four clear legs - so 7-2 would be a winning scoreline. You will get longer odds than the regular match winer market, but Price could win the match by one or two legs, and your bet would be settled as a loser. 

Correct score

Betfred also offer correct score markets on the darts. Just as with football, nailing a correct score will give you the best odds, but it is also difficult to get exactly right. However, if you think two players are incredibly well-matched, you could back an incredibly close win one way or the other. It is a market worth exploring once you have got to grips with the sport. 

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