Paul vs Bourland Predictions: ‘The Problem Child’ will have no problem with Bourland

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Jake Paul continues his boxing career this Saturday as he faces Ryan Bourland. The phrase “boxing career” is used without a sneer in this case, with ‘The Problem Child’ actually facing a genuine professional boxer with a 17-2 record. It’s true that Bourland is no world beater but he has certainly done more in the squared circle than AnEsonGib or Ben Askren, two previous Paul victims.

Paul vs Bourland Odds

Paul first pivoted to more serious boxing pursuits when he fought Tommy Fury last year. The brother of WBC champion Tyson Fury enjoys a measure of celebrity from his familial connection and a stint on Love Island, but he was the first Paul opponent to hold a legitimate boxing background. Until that fight, Paul had fed exclusively on influencers, ex-MMA fighters and retired athletes. 

‘The Problem Child’ actually failed in his first genuine venture into the sport of boxing. Fury outpointed Paul by split decision a year ago, though the influencer did manage to knock the boxer down in the process. It was a pyrrhic victory for Paul, considering the fact he was talking up world rankings and potential fights with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez had he won.

But this wake up call did serve Paul in another way. It made the YouTuber-turned-pugilist take the sport more seriously. After racking up a 10-round decision win over UFC legend Nate Diaz, Paul turned his attention to fights with genuine professional boxers. Whether keen to expel the memories of the Fury failure or emboldened by how close that bout was, Paul took on 10-1 Andre August in his next fight.

Paul knocked out August in the first round of their fight, legitimising his status as an up-and-coming boxer. Do not mistake that for affirming his standing as a top boxer or even a fringe contender. August was a mediocre fighter who had boxed just once in four years. But with Paul having set a low bar against non-boxers, any bout with a genuine pugilist was worthy of credit. Many fighters take on modest challenges early in their careers and an opponent like August is not unusual for someone of Paul’s experience.


The same can be said of Ryan Bourland. Like August, he has been far from active lately. His last bout took place in September 2022. Before that, his previous in-ring action arrived in 2018. Bourland is not a world beater by any stretch. But like August, he is the sort of fighter an 8-1 prospect like Jake Paul fights. There will be more eyeballs on this scrap because of who he is, but at the end of the day the influencer who once looked to be mocking the sport is playing by its rules.

You can expect Paul to win, too. That much is clear. Bourland hasn’t been dug up from relative obscurity to upset the applecart and there’s nothing on his record that suggests he can. Jake has been keeping sharp and has barely been out of the gym since his boxing journey started. In fact, his entire nine-fight career has played out over a four-year period in which Bourland has fought just once.

Paul will likely wrap this up quickly. I’m going to go for round two, allowing for Bourland to show a little bit more than August before succumbing. This fight is purpose-built to make one man look good and it isn’t the 17-2 Californian. My pick of a stoppage in the second round is available at 5/2

The most intriguing element of this fight is what Paul will choose to follow it up with. A step-up in class would show what he’s made of. Some valuable rounds with a past-it veteran of the world scene is a well-worn learning excursion for young fighters. Alternatively, Paul might miss the spotlight too much and go on to make millions fighting Fury again or engaging KSI, another giant of the YouTube world. But I don’t expect Bourland to derail either of these plans, that’s for certain.

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