Betfred Big Winner: National Bingo Day Escalator delivers £12k payout

 | Monday 1st July 2024, 14:11pm

Monday 1st July 2024, 14:11pm

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Delighted to report another significant winner, wer4_artthou0tg, from the all-conquering Betfred Bingo family. 

Our player scooped a £12,574.53 win, courtesy of landing the network promotion National Bingo Day Escalator on June 27, 2024.

It was a £25,000 guaranteed jackpot (player won 50% and the other 50% shared between all network players who participated on this bingo game), and was won by ball count 41. Our player registered with us in May earlier this year.

Congratulations to wer4_artthou0tg and all players who got the share of the other 50% of the jackpot.

Betfred Bingo - a host of rooms; games; slots; megaways; jackpots - far too numerous to list. If you're a fan, you'll know. If not, take a quick look - you'll not be disappointed.

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