I’m a Celebrity Second Eviction Odds: Can Nella Rose escape again?

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Well... that was a turn up for the books wasn't it? Nella Rose dodged a bullet on Sunday night, as the first celebrity to leave the jungle was star jockey, Frankie Dettori. We have had a look at the odds for the second eviction on Monday night, to see if the YouTuber can pull off another Houdini act!

Second Eviction Odds

Nella Rose - 8/15 

She can't do it again can she? Surely?

The 26-year-old YouTuber escaped the boot on Sunday, despite being the huge bookmaker favourite to do so. Well, it's no surprise she's odds-on to go again on Monday night.

Nella completed a really tricky looking Bush tucker trial earlier in the day, entitled 'Fright at the Museum', where she did amazingly well to pick up nine of the possible ten stars.

Can she now pull off an even bigger achievement and make it through another night in the jungle camp? The bookies think not...

Nick Pickard - 5/2

The 48-year-old actor has taken to camp like a duck to water and has thrown himself head-first into trials and everyday jungle life.

Better known as 'Tony from Hollyoaks', Pickard has been constantly upbeat and smiling and looks to be one of the more popular teammates in camp.

However, that doesn't look to have translated to the viewing public, as Nick is 100/1 joint outsider to win the show, along with Fred (Sirieix) and Nella.

I think Nick could very well be hearing the words 'It might be you...' tonight.

Fred Sirieix - 11/2

What a journey the ex-maître d' has had, since walking off the side of a gold-coast skyscraper just over two weeks ago.

Firstly, he took over the cooking duties and helped to stretch out the camp's meagre rations, before the row that sparked a thousand memes.

The shirtless 51-year-old made an innocent comment to Nella Rose, which blew up into an almighty row, which split the camp for days.

Since then, Fred has made up with the Belgian-born star, challenged Nigel Farage on Brexit and immigration and then got taken off the cheffing role by Nella.

In some of the most excruciating scenes to date, the classically-trained chef has tried not to interfere with new cook Josie's role, whilst 'mansplaining' the simplest of tasks like 'how to cook chips' and slating her efforts during and after.

In the last week, Fred has gone from one of the favourites to win the show, out to the joint outsider and his actions have clearly gone down like a merde sandwich with the voting public.

Don't be surprised to see the Frenchman in the bottom two tonight.

Nigel Farage - 12/1

Just as I said before the first eviction, the right-wing politician's journey is mirroring that of Matt Hancock last series.

Farage will get enough support to take him to the latter stages but not enough from the general public to win it.

The nature of the vote means you vote for your favourite to stay in, rather than to evict the person you want out. This system favours controversial characters and keeps them in the show longer.

I'd be extremely surprised to see the former UKIPper leave the jungle tonight.

Marvin Humes - 14/1

Marvin wasn't even in the top five in the betting last night but appears a lot shorter to go on Monday.

The JLS singer has had a fantastically entertaining time in the jungle, especially his 'session' with Josie and the sponge ball task.

He's also taught both Sam and Tony some JLS songs and dance moves and has kept the camp spirit up throughout.

Similarly to Nick though, it looks like whilst viewers like the two likely lads, they don't feel strongly enough about them to vote to keep them in.

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