I’m a Celebrity Next to Leave Odds: Marvellous Marvin to get the jungle boot?

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And then there were six. The finishing line is visible. The celebs can taste that bacon-and-egg sandwich, hash browns, Cumberland sausage, washed down with champagne and freshly-squeezed orange - and that's just for elevenses.

Your votes alone will determine their fate. It's time for someone to cross the bridge of sighs, never to return (well, until the winner is announced) - on I'm a Celebrity - Get me out of heeeeeeeere ....

Eviction-time again tonight - so who's going to go from 'it could be you,' to 'get yourself out of here' later this evening?

I'm a Celebrity Next To Leave Tips

  • Next eviction, Thursday - the 5th elimination - Marvin Humes @ 2/1

Last night (Weds) it was time to say goodbye to Tony from Hollyoaks, a role he's had since just before the Napoleonic war. Presumably he was called 'Antoine' back then. Actor Nick Pickard had been a benign, pleasant, relatively uncomplicated campmate but the public's votes meant it was time for an undoubtedly welcome early bath.

Decorated, highly-respected soap star Danielle Harold is our warm fav to depart tonight (Thurs), but was I believe in a similar boat last evening, when pipped by fellow serial drama star Nick.

Marvin has diced with bottom-two-ville in the past and as a 2/1 second fav to go (Danielle is 8/11) it wouldn't surely be a massive shock. Josie is third-fav to leave tonight at 9/2, then it's 10/1 Nigel Farage, 33/1 Tony Bellew, and 66/1 Sam Thompson, who I must confess, up to 3 or 4 weeks ago, I'd never heard of. And he's our very firm outright favourite to be crowned King of the Jungle, at 1/2.

Farage would be blissfully unaware of the political intrigue bubbling up back in Blighty, as present and former Prime Ministers appear on the airwaves trying to explain and justify various actions, again past and present.

His participation in this show is surely the most controversial single element since its debut in 2002 and he's 'only' 6/1 to win the whole thing - he couldn't, could he?

Early casualties that surprised me at least were Frankie and Fred. The not-so-retiring jockey didn't really show his effervescent best self for me - he looked a little flat after what must in all fairness have been a draining and demanding, almost year-long farewell tour.

Fred has I'm guessing a stack of goodwill built up via the tremendously-popular First Dates, and his escapades with Gino and Gordon. Yet the rather controlling presence when hovering over Josie, as the latter was striving to make tasty meals for camp, rather grated. I've a strong feeling the voting public didn't much care for that either - but hey, what do I know?

I like former boxer Tony Bellew. As down-to-earth as it's possible to be, he made the absolute most of his career in the ring, and at 10/3 is a worthy second-fav to be our eventual King.

I remember Bellew taking on Usyk just over 5 years ago in a high-profile world-title cruiserweight clash. Looking at what Usyk has achieved subsequently shows just what Bellew was attempting on the night, but he started unbelievably well and had a magical opening first few rounds before the wheels came off.

He's an admirable fella and I'd like him to win if poss - but as for tonight, and the next eviction, Danielle is fav but I think Marvin could be vulnerable.

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