A retired businessman from Bolton has won £150,000 at Betfred after his ‘secret formula’ came up trumps on the 49s numbers game.

The pensioner bet £15 that numbers 6, 14, 30 and 43 would come up – and they did, winning him the jackpot.

His formula is that when a number is drawn out, he drops it from the four on his coupon and selects another – and that paid off handsomely for the Betfred regular who visits shops throughout Bolton and surrounding areas.

He said: “I’m moving house so the money will come in handy and will also be very useful now I’m a pensioner.

“I certainly don’t need a new speedboat or a new car, but I will probably sort out a decent holiday later in the year.

I’m just bowled over to be honest. It’s a great amount of money to win. It’s my biggest win ever – although I did pick up £4,500 a few years ago on the 49s after switching from the Irish Lottery.

“I’ve always been lucky, ever since I was seven years old and won a competition which got my family some vouchers that were used to get me a new toy and a gold-plated razor for my father.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “This fella has been a regular of ours for many years, and during that time has enjoyed some significant wins – but never as much as £150,000 which is such a fantastic return for a £15 wager.”

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