How to Bet on Boxing Online with Betfred

 | Thursday 30th May 2024, 9:00am

Thursday 30th May 2024, 9:00am

Betfred Education Guide

Boxing betting offers wagering opportunities far beyond the binary. While on the surface it is as easy as picking a winner, there are many more facets to betting on the sport. Even in bouts where you are struggling to split the combatants, there are still plenty of markets you can opt for.

Boxing’s round-based nature means that, unlike sports like most team sports, you can bet on when the bout will end. This can be done specifically, such as in the Round Betting market, or with more freedom such as in Round Group Betting. 

Even the fight coming to a premature end at all or not is an option, with the Will The Fight Go The Distance market. Whether you are picking the champion to retain by knockout, or simply backing the fight to be over by round six, there is plenty of choice available. 

Here is your Betfred Insights Education guide to how to bet on boxing.

Bout Winner (Three-Way)

The most popular market, this is where you pick your winner. The "Three-Way" denotes the fact that as well as being able to pick either of the combatants to prevail, there is also usually a Draw market available too.

The Draw will always be the longest-priced market due to their rarity. Usually there are three judges scoring every bout on the 10-point must system, thus draws are not a common occurrence.

The Bout Winner market is by any method, meaning your pick can win by decision, knockout, technical knockout, disqualification or technical decision and your bet will be successful.

Round Betting

The most specific boxing market, this offers a win for each fighter in every round, along with Decision and Draw. For example, “Tyson Fury Round 7” or “Tyson Fury Decision”. 

The bet is successful no matter what method the fighter you select used to win. A knockout, technical knockout, disqualification or technical decision are all valid as long as they take place in your chosen round. The exceptions are Decision and Draw, which require the fight to go the full distance, unless the fight is a technical draw.

When Will The Fight End?

This divides the fight into portions, with a successful bet needing to pick the correct portion in which the fight ended. The winner of the fight nor the method matters here, only when the fight ended. Round groupings such as “Rounds 1-3” are selectable, as is a “Goes The Distance” market.  

Round Group Betting

This is similar to the previous category, but with the addition of picking a winner. So bets like “Tyson Fury Rounds 4-6” are available, along with Decision markets for each fighter and a Draw option.

The method of victory does not matter here. Your bet will be successful as long as you pick both the correct winner and the group of rounds in which the fight ended. 

Will The Fight Go The Distance?

A binary selection and one of the simplest boxing markets to bet on. This category is always divided into Yes or No. If the fight stops inside the distance, a No bet is paid out whether the fight is won by knockout, technical knockout, disqualification, technical decision or goes to a no contest before going the distance. A Yes bet will require the entire scheduled distance of the fight to play out.

Fight End Round

This category does not require a correct winner or fight end method to be selected. It offers three options for every round except the first, for example “Before Round 4”, “In Round 4” and “After Round 4”.

The opening round only has “In Round 1” or “After Round 1” available, because a fight cannot end earlier than the first round.

The in-round selection always has the longest odds, while the “Before” odds tend to get shorter as the fight progresses. Meanwhile, the “After” odds get longer as there is less time in which the fight can finish.

Total Rounds Completed

This market is a less precise version of Fight End Round. Instead of having an “In Round X” option, you are limited to “Less Than X Rounds” or “At Least X Rounds”. No winner or fight outcome is needed in your selection. Your bet will be successful in the fight ends by any means within the time you chose.

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